Understanding What Sober Living Means

Sober living can take on many different meanings and forms. One may understand the term as a home in which those who are going through recovery work together in order to maintain an addiction free life. The term may also reflect one’s life-long commitment to maintaining a drug or alcohol free lifestyle. Ultimately, it is up to the person who is suffering with addiction to determine how the term is used in their own road to recovery. Therefore, the focus here will look at sober living home’s and how they are used to help those suffering from the disease of addiction.

Traditionally, the process is a transitional phase is which the recovering addict is housed along with other recovering addicts that have completed some form of inpatient drug or alcohol program. The concept behind the housing program is to help the person reacquaint themselves with the outside world in a controlled environment. The environment generally consists of a tight schedule in which residents are expected to fully follow. A person who does not conform to the schedule is not immediately removed from the program, but will be allowed one to two warnings before full removal. This may seem harsh to some, but it is vital to allow the person to adapt in keeping and maintaining a schedule which will then translate back into their new lives. The number one philosophy behind this phase of recovery is to help the individual re-enter everyday society. Keep in mind that this is not a halfway house, but a way in which a resident is given some of the freedoms that one will find in regular society.

Sober living is exclusively used for those whose number one goal is to develop and maintain an addiction free life. The housing of those who have faced similar situations, coupled with like-minded goals, creates a group effort as opposed to one who is trying to stay clean completely on their own. This method has proven to be a much more effective tool than simply releasing the person straight back into society upon completion of their in-patient drug and alcohol program.

Obviously, no method will produce guaranteed results. Full and complete recovery will always depend on the level of commitment one has to create a new and exciting life. This is not an easy process, and unfortunately the numbers tend to lean towards the addict eventually relapsing. This should not dissuade anyone from becoming a person who will beat the odds and find the life that they deserve.

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