Top Alcohol Withdrawl Sypmtoms: Itching

Alcohol abuse is a serious disease. Most people don’t ever take a drink of alcohol and anticipate that one day their life will be out of control and they will be dependent on this substance. When a person decides that they no longer want alcohol to destroy their life, there are many ways to seek help. Some people decide to stop drinking and deal with the symptoms of withdrawals at home. Some of those symptoms can include headache, nausea, vomiting, shaking.Some people say that they experience feeling like there are pins and needles on their skin that causes them to itch. They could experience moderate itching and a burning or numbness. If someone is attempting to treat alcohol abuse at home, they may find it hard to control or treat any of these symptoms.

Most people are not used to feeling so many things and may choose to start drinking again to feed the pain. Most physicians would not advise dealing with alcoholism at home. There are many medications and treatment options in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities to help ease the pain of the symptoms. It is just not necessary to put your body through any more pain than it is already in. Some of the other symptoms someone might experience might be sweating, anxiety and a feeling of fullness in the head. Recent studies have shown that there is one drug that has been key in dealing with the symptoms related to alcohol withdrawal.

A drug called benzodiazepines is what doctors are using to help ease the painful symptoms. It is a drug that affects the Central Nervous system that can cause a hypnotic response in high doses. In small doses it will cause a sedate response and help a patient to relax. Keep in mid this drug is used for very mild symptoms. Patients that have a history of having severe withdrawal symptoms will need to be hospitalized and monitored in an inpatient treatment program. When your body is used to a regular intake of alcohol, it will react within hours if not consuming alcohol.

The alcohol withdrawal symptoms itching will stop on their own with time, but this is usually a very painful and traumatic experience for most people. With all the medical technology and training, there is no reason why anyone should put themselves through this unnecessarily.

If you are an alcoholic and have decided that you no longer wish to abuse alcohol, take the step to speak with your family physician or a doctor at the Emergency Room. Let them know how long you have been an alcoholic and what kind of symptoms you have experienced in the past when you attempted to quit drinking. It is very important to be honest with the person treating you, so that they have a realistic view of what your situation is. It will also help them in finding the correct treatment plan for you specifically. If you are not comfortable speaking with your physician, there are many websites and centers you can find on the internet that will provide with information on how to get help.