Paxil and Alcohol

If you drink while taking medication, you are going to have problems. That is why every label says not to drink while taking medication. It is dangerous and not all the side effects have been studied and made available for some medications. But as studies continue, they always support the fact that you cannot drink when you are being treated for any kind of problems. If you take Paxil, then do not drink.

Paxil and alcohol studies are still in the process of being completed and deciding what the side effect can be, drinking any kind of alcohol while taking Paxil is not a good idea. Paxil is an anti depressant and alcohol is a depressant. So the two will either cancel each other out, or will double the effect of the alcohol. However, the studies that are available do not recommend drinking of any kind.

The medical profession does say you can drink moderately while taking Paxil. But many heavy drinker do not think of moderately as a non drinker does. They continue to drink a little less than normal for them and most of the time it is still in the category of heavy drinking. So, if you are a drinker, you have to define moderate by the standards of a non drinker. One or two small drinks a week is moderate. That is all you can drink when taking Paxil.

The effect of mixing the two can cause heart palpitations or rapid heart beat. It may not be a heart attack, but it can still put undo strain on the heart or even induce heart failure in many cases. If you have any kind of heart problems and you take Paxil, do not drink any kind of alcohol.

Paxil and alcohol mixing can cause loss of motor skills and slow down all response time. This can endanger your life and the lives of others during driving, using heavy equipment or even playing with children. It can also increase the effects of depression even more in some people. This is all going to depend on how high a dosage of Paxil you take each day, how little you drink and your mental problem. If you cannot decide on how much Paxil and alcohol you can mix, then stop drinking. Stopping the medication is not the solution to the problem. If you are choosing the alcohol over the medication, then you have an addictive problem with alcohol that needs to be treated.

When mixing Paxil and alcohol, the experience is different for each person. However, it is common for the Paxil to be of no use for the next few days after heavy drinking. You can experience extreme depression, anxiety attacks, fear of others, problems being in crowds and interrupted thought patterns. All of the symptoms can be very dangerous, especially to anyone under the age of 25 years old. Paxil is a great medication, but you cannot mix it with any type of alcohol and expect it to yield results. Take medication as it is recommended and stop drinking.