Observing Early Fatty Liver Disease Symptoms

In the early stages of possible liver damage there may be very few fatty liver symptoms, which is what makes the disease quite dangerous. In alcoholic fatty liver disease the condition can be reversed if the individual stops drinking before the condition turns into Hepatitis. It is also possible to experience fatty liver symptoms if you have not been a drinker; this is quite common and does not usually cause any problems unless on the rare occasion it turns into an inflamed or scarred liver.

For people who drink a lot of alcohol, fatty liver disease is the first stage of their damage to the liver. It does not take much to risk developing fatty cells in the liver. Individuals who binge drink for several days are quite likely to experience a fatty liver condition. It is unusual to notice any memorable symptoms in this condition as it only usually causes complications when the liver becomes inflamed in hepatitis or scarred in cirrhosis. Experts and physicians believe that fatty liver is a warning sign that something worse will develop if the individual’s lifestyle choices are not changed. If you stop drinking for two weeks your liver will return to normal and your risk of developing liver failure will decrease again.

A fatty liver is a very common condition especially in heavy drinkers, in fact it is estimated that as many as 90% of drinkers will experience fatty liver disease. Whether or not the disease develops into something more life threatening completely depends on the lifestyle of the individual. If the individual plans to give up alcohol for the rest of their life, the outlook is considered extremely positive as the liver will return to its usual state. The first sign you may have that you may be at risk of developing liver failure are feelings of weakness, nausea, abdominal pain and a loss of appetite. These types of symptoms are present in other illnesses and it does not necessarily mean you have this condition.

When you drink alcohol on a regular basis it is possible that you could develop a risk of having fatty liver disease at some point in your life. It is entirely based on your own life choices whether it develops into a more serious condition that could affect the length and quality of your life. If you suspect fatty liver disease or are experiencing what you believe to be fatty liver symptoms then it is advisable to speak to your local doctors office.