High or Elevated Liver Enzymes Caused By Alcohol

The liver is one of the most important parts of the body. As it is true that malfunctioning of any part in the body can cause a severe imbalance,naturally, low or elevated liver enzymes can cause great trouble and chemical imbalances in the body. Elevated liver enzymes point towards some problem with the liver. They remain dormant with no outward symptoms to realize the problem. There is no other way to control this situation except for regular medical checkups.

The liver secretes bile juice, which plays an important role in digestion and metabolism. Furthermore, there are enzymes in the liver that perform various other functions. They get secreted and consumed in equal amounts to maintain a balance. If something goes wrong they accumulate creating problems in the body.

The reasons for elevated liver enzymes can be many; severe diabetes, kidney malfunction and tumors are just some of the reasons. High liver enzymes caused by alcohol can be another reason for an elevated enzyme count, which can lead to multiple cirrhosis or hepatitis. Again liver disorders like hemochromatosis can also be one of the reasons for liver dysfunction.

Overdoses of certain medications such as cholesterol-lowering drugs, antibiotics, anti-seizure drugs, supplements and anti-inflammatory medicines can be fatal to the liver. Even sedatives and sleeping pills cause harmful effects to the liver if taken without the advice of a medical practitioner. We use herbal supplements in our daily life thinking that they energize us and keeps us fit, but excessive usage of herbal supplements and drinks such as Kava, skullcap and pennyroyal can cause elevated enzyme levels in the liver. Even certain Chinese herbal tonics and preparations can create enzyme imbalances.

One of the most common causes of liver problems is obesity. Fats accumulate on the walls of the liver lowering the functioning capacity of the organ. One must understand that if the regular functioning process of any part of the body is interrupted in any manner, you invite problems.

In the early stages of liver problems, you might feel slight pain in the abdomen, swelling below the ribs on the right side and yellowing of the skin. At this point, you will be advised to have some tests to confirm elevated levels of enzymes in the liver. If confirmed, you will be put on a strict diet plan and medication. Of course, you will also be advised to do a few exercises, which can bring down the levels of enzyme deposits in the liver.

As a precautionary measure, it is mandatory for all of us to maintain a healthy diet, do regular exercise and lead a healthy life to help avoid any disorder that can hamper our day-to-day life.