Does Alcohol Kill Brain Cells?

Both social drinkers and alcoholics alike have at some point in their lives wondered: does alcohol kill brain cells? Researchers studying the effects of alcohol on the brain have concluded that it does not technically kill brain cells. However, it does cause damage to the ends of nerve cells whose function is to text messages into the brain. This damage for the most part is not permanent as the brain has the ability to repair itself. However, because of the damage some brain function is altered or lost. This function may or may not ever return.

Most everyone is aware of the dangers of consuming too much alcohol. The physical effects of excess drinking can be easily seen in the form of blurred vision, slurred speech, imbalance in walking, slow to think and react, etc. Emotionally, alcohol affects different people in different ways. Some people become agitated and angry after drinking too much; others become depressed or discouraged. The amount of alcohol consumed also plays a part in people’s emotional and mental states.

Studies on the topic of ‘does alcohol kill brain cells’ reveal that alcohol does not kill brain cells. It does, slow down communication between brain cells, thus altering the manner in which your brain functions. Long term alcoholics risk developing mental disorders that last them throughout their lifetime, even after they have stopped their drinking. Blackouts and memory loss are quite common when alcohol is consumed too quickly and on an empty stomach. Women drinkers risk greater negative physical effects than men, to include damage to nerves and heart muscle.

Combining the consumption of alcohol with medications can be deadly. Many doctors warn their patients not to consume even the slightest bit of alcohol when they are on medications. The damage caused by combining certain drugs with alcohol can be devastating to a person’s health. Even simple over-the-counter medications can be detrimental when combined with the consumption of alcohol that should be avoided at all costs.

When confronted with the prospect of ‘does alcohol kill brain cells’, many people begin to think twice about their drinking habits, especially if they are compulsive drinkers. Having an occasional drink with your friends or attending an occasional party where drinks are served is one thing. Consistently getting drunk is another issue altogether. When you can no longer control your drinking habit, then it is time to reevaluate your stance on the consumption of the product. It has been technically proven that alcohol does not kill brain cells. However, when it is consumed excessively over a long period of time, alcohol can directly or indirectly cause a plethora of other health problems. These include permanent damage to your pancreas, nervous system, liver and heart as well as the possibility of developing cancer.

Does alcohol kill brain cells? Technically the answer to this question is ‘no’. However, too much alcohol can alter the function of certain parts of your brain in a negative manner. As your brain is one of your greatest assets in life, you will have to determine for yourself whether alcohol consumption is worth the risk of hindering its performance.

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