Ambien and Alcohol

Warnings and restrictions come along with taking any prescription medication. It is very important that one follow all of the instructions that come along with their prescribed medication, and any additional instructions that they receive from their doctor. Alcohol is a substance that can interact in various ways with many types of medicines. Ambien is one of these types of pills.

Although it is a common sleep aid, Ambien’s warnings and side effects should not be taken lightly. Ambien and alcohol can cause serious problems when taken together. It is recommended that no one should consume both at once. These two substances exacerbate one another’s effects. Common issues associated with excessive alcohol consumption include drowsiness, slurred speech, dizziness, depression, and blackouts. When one takes Ambien, common side effects are dizziness, lightheadedness, and diarrhea. When Ambien and alcohol are both consumed at once, one can expect to see all of these problems increase in frequency and/or in severity. There are also some more rare problems associated with the sleep medication that may be increased when alcohol is used. An example is sleep driving, which is actually getting in a vehicle and attempting to drive while asleep.

Individuals who have alcohol dependency issues should not use Ambien. The same goes for individuals who are dependent on their sleep medication. If one has had dependency problems with either substance in the past, they should be considering this in their decision to take or use the other. Even if one has fully recovered from their addiction, they should carefully consider and manage their use of the new substance. It is important that one’s doctor is well aware of any past or current addiction issues that they have had, as well as any other health problems. One should discuss Ambien and alcohol with their doctor if they feel that the combination could cause problems for them. Those who begin taking the drug should probably refrain from drinking alcohol at all. If they do drink alcohol, they should use caution and have a trusted friend or relative to monitor their behavior-especially if problems like sleep driving or other sleep walking activities have been observed in the individual.

This type of sleep aid is not the only one that can cause alcohol related problems. Anyone who is taking any type of sleeping medication should make sure that they read all of the instructions, especially those relating to side effects and interactions. Other substances that are considered to be depressants should be avoided as well.

Since sleep aids and alcohol are both very addictive, some people become dependent on both Ambien and alcohol. This can be a very dangerous combination, as one will likely experience the enunciated side effects constantly or on a regular basis. People with these kinds of addictions often need to undergo some sort of professional rehabilitation. There are many resources for people who think they have a problem or know someone who does, whether they think they can afford treatment or not.

Ambien and alcohol can be a dangerous combination. It is important that patients considering treatment with a sleep aid while using alcohol is aware of the risks involved with these products.

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