Michigan DUI Laws

Being charged with a DUI, or driving under the influence, can carry many different punishments with it. Michigan DUI laws are similar in some ways to those of many other states but tend to be on the harsher side. When charged with this type of crime it is always advised to seek the help of a qualified attorney that has experience with the state as well as with the crime. Legal help provides options to first time offenders that often result in lower punishments.

A judge can sentence first time DUI offenders in Michigan with jail time and there happens to be no minimum number of days to start with. The maximum incarceration sentence can last up to 93 days. Driving privileges of offenders are often revoked for six months but those who are convicted of this crime may be able to obtain a restricted (to and from work, treatment centers or school) license after one month. Michigan is now starting to use ignition interlock devices in vehicles of even first time DUI offenders. The ignition interlock device is installed into the dashboard of the offenders vehicle and acts much like a breathalyzer test does. The vehicle will not start until the driver blows into the machine. If the driver has any alcohol in their system the car will set off an alarm. The ignition interlock devices are usually required to be installed before any driving privileges are reinstated.

Fines are a huge part of any legal aspect and this holds true for those convicted of a DUI in Michigan. A first time offender can usually see a fine starting at a minimum of 00 but the amount of the fine has a maximum amount of $500.00. The initial fine is not the only fine that people convicted of a DUI in Michigan see. A driver responsibility fee is almost always added to every DUI case and is a carries hefty fine of 000.00 a year, for two full years. This fine will need to be paid to keep or to reinstate a revoked license.

Community service is sometimes used in place of incarceration or in addition to it. Just like jail sentencing there is no minimum number of hours set for community service but a judge may invoke the maximum which is set at 360 hours.

The DUI laws in Michigan do state prosecutors and judges must take a look at the offenders last seven years of convictions. Repeat offenders are given harsher punishments than those of first time offenders. A second DUI could land the offender in jail for up to a full year with fines that can reach 000.00 and that does not include the drivers responsibility fee.