DUI Laws In Kansas

In the United States, driving under the influence of alcohol causes several thousand fatal accidents every year. In fact, statistics prove that drunken driving is responsible for one death every 33 minutes each year. Due to such severe, life-threatening consequences the government has some very strict laws in place. Each state has its own law regarding driving under influence or DUI.

DUI laws in Kansas state that it is illegal to drive any vehicle with a blood or breath alcohol level of .08 or more. The penalties for breaking Kansas DUI laws include suspension of driving privileges, imprisonment, fines, and in severe cases even impounding of the vehicle. When a person is arrested for DUI, in Kansas, there are two different levels of legal procedures involved. One is a criminal case in the state or municipal court and other is an administrative license hearing case. The judgment in each of these cases is independent of the other. This means, if found guilty, a person can be prosecuted for one or the other or both cases. Kansas DUI laws can be classified under some broad sections.
DUI with a child under 14 as a passengers this can increase the mandatory jail time by one month.

First DUI offense – This can lead up to 48 hours of mandatory imprisonment or 100 hours of community service. The fine in this case could be anywhere from $500 to 000, excluding the fees for court, probation and evaluation. According to the DUI laws in Kansas, the driving license of the individual is suspended for a month and restricted for 330 days after that. Their vehicle can also be impounded for up to a year.

Second DUI offense -90 days to one year imprisonment, fines ranging from 000 to 500 plus fees, suspension of driving privileges for a year and restricted for another year after that, the vehicle can be impounded for a year.

Third DUI offense – the offense now becomes a felony, and in addition to all the above penalties, the fines increase by about 000.

Fourth DUI offense – The offense is still a felony, the fine is $2500 with additional fees, the guilty party is required to complete the court ordered alcohol and drug abuse treatment program. In addition to the abovementioned suspensions, in this case, the court may also revoke the individual’s license plate or registration for a year. Also, for a year after release from the mandatory imprisonment, they are placed in the custody of the Secretary of the Kansas Department of Corrections for supervision.

Fifth and following DUI offense – The only difference in this case is that in addition to all the above charges, the driving privileges of the individual are permanently revoked.

DUI always entails serious risks and should be avoided at any cost.

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