DUI Laws In Mississippi

Mississippi has fairly simple DUI laws, though the punishments found in the state include creative measures such as impounding vehicles that were not involved in the crime. Though most of the normal limits remain in place for those that drink and drive, punishment can lead to substance abuse counseling, vehicle loss and the impounding of any vehicle that is owned by the offender. As such, it is quite important to keep the DUI laws in Mississippi in mind whenever you choose to have a drink.

DUI Laws in Mississippi

The DUI laws in Mississippi are fairly straightforward, resembling the laws of both the surrounding states and most of those in the country. As with almost every other state, the presumption of guilt relies on one of two factors – one’s blood alcohol level and one’s performance in a field sobriety test. The former tends to hold the most weight in court, while the latter is still often used in many areas. Under the Mississippi DUI laws, the legal limit for an individual is .08, though this limit is lowered .02 for those under 21 and .04 for those driving commercial vehicles. Mississippi DUI laws also work under the doctrine of implied consent for various forms of BAC testing, with an automatic suspension of the license for those that actively refuse the test. While the punishment is far lighter for refusing the test, there is no chance to avoid the suspension that follows.

Punishments for Breaking DUI Laws in Mississippi

Unlike several other states, Mississippi DUI laws vary in their enforcement and there are a variety of penalties that can be enforced at the court’s discretion. The most common are jail time (up to 48 hours) or a fine (between $250 and 000) as well as a ninety-day suspension for first time offenders, with hardship driving privileges being made available after one month. Unlike other states, though, first time offenders are also often offered the chance to complete an alcohol education safety program in lieu of jail time, a choice which many offenders are likely to make. Repeat offenders may face up to five years in prison, up to five thousand dollars in fines and the seizure of not only the vehicle in which the crime was committed but the impounding of all vehicles registered in their names. As such, Mississippi DUI laws have a very good chance of further affecting the livelihood of the offender’s family.

DUI laws in Mississippi are similar to those found in the rest of the region, though the punishments are a bit different. Running afoul of these laws can harm not only the offender’s freedom, but the livelihood of the offender’s family. The only way to safely avoid these consequences is to make sure to never drive drunk and to always arrange for a ride when drinking.

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