DUI Laws In Illinois

If you or someone you know has been charged with driving under the influence it is always a good idea to find an attorney who is familiar with DUI laws in Illinois. Every state has its own rules about how first and second time offenders should be handled. Often, without representation an individual will have a license revoked.

When a lawyer is consulted he or she can access legal records and can review a case for any inconsistencies. There are many special conditions that the average driver is not aware of. For example, a person charged one year but not sentenced for a year or two can choose which applicable laws to be charged under.

Current Illinois DUI laws have become somewhat stricter than in the past. For a first offense with a blood alcohol content at or below .16 but greater than .08 the infraction is considered a class A misdemeanor. The license can be revoked for up to 2 years and fines can range from nothing to $2,500.

Though DUI laws in Illinois can be tough an attorney can help a client file for driving privileges if he or she needs to get to work and there is no other means. If a client completes a counseling program and meets other conditions before the final decision a first offender may be granted limited driving privileges.

Illinois DUI laws are tough. However, there are often circumstances that a driver may not be aware of. A driver cannot be stopped simply because an anonymous phone report is made or due to weaving within a single lane of traffic.

Conducting field sobriety tests that are not standard or when there is legal reason to stop an individual are other types of cases lawyers can defend. Attorneys who defend drivers are familiar with DUI laws in Illinois and know when proper procedures have not been followed. They can review officer testimony and can compare it with video tapes often used during routine vehicle stops.

Many police departments use video tapes when they bring in and arrest drivers. All evidence that is presented against a driver can be accessed by legal counsel and must be turned over. Many drivers do not know what they may be allowed to access and may not be granted the same cooperation as a lawyer.

There are many reasons to consult an Illinois attorney when an individual has been charged with a DUI. Whether a person needs to have limited driving privileges or simply needs to ensure a fair hearing having legal counsel is always the best plan of action. There are many more conditions or actions that attorneys with experience in Illinois DUI laws may find wrong or illegal. They can use such incidents to help clients fight DUI convictions.