DUI Laws In Colorado

In the Denver and Colorado region alcohol related driving offenses are considered serious crimes. Due to this, they carry hefty consequences. People who violate DUI laws in Colorado may lose their license, go to jail, face large fines or have to complete community service.

DUI laws in Colorado separate alcohol related driving offenses into two categories. These categories are called DUI and DWAI. People are charged with a DUI when their blood alcohol level is 0.08 or higher. This charge is also used when drivers are under the influence of drugs. A DWAI is used if the driver has a blood alcohol level between 0.05 and 0.08. The DUI charge has harsher penalties than a DWAI charge.

People who are charged with DUI in Colorado face the penalties listed below.

  •  License revocation
  •  Points on their license
  •  Potential jail sentence of up to one year
  •  Fine of up to ,500 plus court costs
  •  Mandatory public service
  •  Alcohol education and therapy
  •  Probation

DUI laws in Colorado dictate that punishments for a DWAI charge are less severe than those discussed above. People who are charged with a DWAI can still face jail time, points on their license, a fine, public service, alcohol education and probation. However these punishments are for shorter amounts of time and smaller amounts of money. This is because police officers only charge people with a DWAI offense when they believe their driving ability has only be slightly affected by alcohol.

People who are arrested for driving under the influence need to be aware that these charges cannot be expunged from their record. This means that accused parties should do their best to ensure that they are not charged with this crime. The best way to do this is to hire an experienced attorney. It is essential that the accused ensures that their lawyer is legally allowed to practice in Colorado. As Colorado DUI laws differ from laws in other states, the ideal attorney will have had experience fighting DUI cases in Colorado.

A DUI is a very serious charge. This is because driving under the influence often results in car crashes which cause injury and/or death Due to this it is important that people avoid drink driving at all costs. A DUI conviction has the ability to change the life of the accused. For example someone who is jailed will have difficulty finding work when they are released Those who are charged should hire a good lawyer and wait on the outcome of the court case. It is important to note that punishments for second and third offenses will be much harsher. This is because the court will often believe that second time offenders have not learned their lesson from their first incident.