DUI Laws In California

Those who are faced with a first time DUI conviction in the state of California may expect to see a minimum of 96 hours behind bars or they may receive the maximum sentence of six months of jail time. Fines for first time offenders can range from ,000 to ,900. Those fines do not include the cost of license reinstatement or any special programs that the offender may need to attend. Hiring an attorney that specializes in DUI laws in California may help those convicted of the crime see less jail time and may also help to lower court costs and fines that are often associated with a DUI conviction.

When sentenced for the DUI the judge will take away the offenders drivers license for a period of six months. The person convicted of the crime must attend and complete a driving under the influence program before the license can be reinstated. In the state of California those who are driving with a restricted license will be required to obtain SR22 car insurance. This is considered a high risk for of automobile insurance and tends to be on the pricier end. This SR22 was created to make sure that those convicted of a DUI have some type of insurance while driving with a restricted license as many insurance carriers will drop customers that are convicted of this crime. Automobile insurance companies will take a look back through the customer files and implement higher premiums or even deny coverage for those with any type of DUI over a three year period.

California is one of the many states that are now using the ignition interlock device as a way of monitoring those with convicted with a DUI due to recently passed alcohol laws. California requires these devices are installed in the offenders vehicle and wired into the ignition system. Before starting the vehicle the driver must blow into the device and if the drivers system is clean, no alcohol detected, the vehicle will start and function as normal. If the drivers breath has traces of alcohol in it the device will set off a warning to the driver and it may also set off alarms on the car itself.

California DUI laws require judges and prosecutors to research the past ten years of convictions of the person being charged with a DUI. California expects second DUI offenders to incur much harsher punishments. Judges can sentence repeat offenders with a minimum of 90 days in jail or they may place offenders in jail for the maximum time of one full year. The drivers driving privileges will be revoked and a new license cannot be obtained for two years, although the judge may permit the offender to apply for a restricted drivers license that would allow them to attend meetings, work or go to school.