Hangover Cures

Nearly every person at some point in their life will wake to find himself or herself with an unpleasant and painful hangover. The symptoms are many and varied but most often include a dry mouth, upset stomach and a blinding, almost paralyzing headache. While teetotalers will claim that abstinence from alcohol is the best policy, if you find yourself with a hangover, this judgment will not be of much help. Luckily, for the moderate drinker who has indulged a bit much, there are a plethora of hangover cures and at home hangover remedies that have been found effective by some over time. The best course of action, to find the cure that best suits you, is to experiment with different kinds until you have found the one that brings the results. This can often be obtained by mixing and matching a bit from each method.

One of the only methods to avoid a hangover is, of course, to limit the amount of alcohol that you intake. Alternating cocktails with glasses of water will also help as will eating a meal before you begin to indulge. Dehydration is the major cause of hangovers, and the extra water will help curb this problem. These methods, however, will only help you before you have a hangover so they offer little in the way of curing the already afflicted. When it comes to hangover cures, there are some folk remedies that have stood the test of time. The first up is the infamous hair of the dog method. Taken from the phrase, the hair of the dog that bit you, this cure operates under the assumption that drinking more alcohol is all that can truly help you. Enter the Bloody Mary and the Mimosa. These are acceptable morning drinks that you can easily make yourself or order out at any cafe or diner, and no one will bat an eyelash. There is no reason to wait until noon to do what you know it will take, when you can be feeling better over breakfast. If you can handle the touch of alcohol to your lips the next morning, then this is the quickest method to the relief you seek. The reason this works is because you are suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms. This gives your body a little bit of alcohol to help lessen the withdrawal. Add plenty of water, and it may well be one of your better options, just keep it in moderation and don’t get drunk again!

Another less attractive option is vomiting. Often, the feeling of an upset stomach that so often accompanies a hangover is caused by a mysterious late night snack that found its way into your belly before bedtime. Go ahead, stick a few fingers down your throat, and let it fly. It is best to be standing in the bathroom in close proximity to a toilet when choosing this route. You may also want to consume some water or milk to help get things flowing. While some may argue that this in not a cure, it will certainly have you feeling better and you will be on the right path once again. This option is only recommended if you will do anything for relief, because it is rather unpleasant. Keep in mind it will not help with your head pounding, take a few aspirin or ibuprofen, several glasses of water, and a quick nap.

Several studies have shown that bacon actually cures your hangover. While this is still fairly new research, bacon is tasty so give it a shot with several large glasses of water!

For those that are medically minded, there are many products on the market that claim to be hangover cures. Alcohol X is one such example. Aspirin will not hurt either. Ultimately, the reason you have the hangover is from lack of hydration, so drink as much water as you can keep down. Alternating water intake with shots of Pepto-Bismol or Mylanta can also help to ease the pain. A large intake of vitamin C and vitamin B complex are further effective hangover cures and treatments.