DUI and Other Consequences of Drunk Driving

DUI consequences vary from state to state; however, the same general concepts are found in all states.

Most states are becoming very harsh on offenders because of the sheer lack of judgment and threat of bodily danger(to the drunk person or innocent bystanders) involved in these kinds of incidents. In addition to all the legal consequences of drunk driving, it can take a hefty toll on your emotions if you become the cause of an accident while under the influence, especially if you take someone else’s life. I’ve known a few people that have been on both sides of this coin.    While sometimes there is nothing you can do to ensure someone does not crash into you while drunk, you can definitely ensure you do not crash into someone while drunk.   Take a cab instead.

There are plenty of DUI consequences, and bear with me I will get to them, but what are the laws that involve getting a DUI? First of all, the legal drinking age is 21 and anyone under the age of 21 can automatically receive a DUI, or at least a zero tolerance citation depending on the situation, if they have been driving with even the smallest amount of alcohol in their system. For people of the legal drinking age, the allowed blood alcohol level is below .

08 in most states across the United States. If you’re visiting me from another country,