Why Do People Drink Alcohol

When wine was first invented thousands of years ago, people of all ages found themselves enjoying alcoholic drinks at meals and at gatherings. Since then, many other alcohol drinks were created, some stronger and some lighter, and they draw people for various reasons. So, why do people drink alcohol?

Research has shown that, the first and most popular reason given by people surveyed has to do with socializing. Adults find it to be the appropriate drink at parties and events of all kinds. About half the people claimed to enjoy the taste of alcohol, while 12% feel that it takes the edge off.

At the bottom of the list are reasons that include getting intoxicated, or tipsy, which puts people in a state of happiness until they have one too many. For others, the reason why they drink is simply because it is accepted in society and others are doing it around them all the time. Not drinking often makes some people feel out of place when in a group where others are having alcoholic beverages.

While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a drink on occasion, problems with alcohol abuse can certainly arise without people even realizing it. Sometimes, it gets to the point where people cannot function properly without a drink or several drinks. A more important question may be, why do people drink alcohol to get drunk? In many cases, it becomes a habit, such as with business people who are entertaining clients at lunch and dinner, which always includes a drink. These recurring events seem to become habitual and it is usually not too far away from becoming an addiction.

It can reach the point where people start drinking to feel better, and that is the critical turning point when fun turns into serious problems. In the beginning, it may make people feel good and have a few laughs, but with the regular consumption of alcohol, it will always require more to feel better. Positive effects short-term, followed by bouts of depression and other long-term problems that will challenge any individual who depends on alcohol to get through their days.

While people enjoy alcohol on a social capacity, for the most part, others can easily become dependent on it because it enters the bloodstream, it affects the liver and the brain. The first few drinks are always the sweetest, because it gives the person a warm feeling. With a few more physical or psychological pain can subside from the numbing effects and memory decreases.

After having said that, one can still wonder why do people drink alcohol and allow it to get out of control. Some people need to forget a painful experience, others look to escape. Moderation is necessary to avoiding a problem of addiction from developing.