Xanax And Alcohol Can Be A Deadly Combination

Depression does not discriminate when it comes to affect a person.

It does not matter if you are white or black, man or woman, young or old. Depression can make you feel isolated and sometimes want you to even end life. Fortunately nowadays medical sciences have progressed to such an extent that anti-depressants like Xanax can make a person cheerful. Such medication has been found to be reliable, effective and permanent. It acts upon the brain chemicals that are responsible for negative moods and balances them so that you no longer suffer from depression. It is a medicine that is being widely prescribed, but is addictive and needs to be taken only as per medical advice. Doctors generally prescribe other therapies in addition to the medication.

A lot of people turn to alcohol when they are depressed or stressed. While alcohol does allow a person to forget his worries while under its influence, any such effects get completely dissipated as soon as the alcohol has lost its effect on the system. This is the reason that alcohol has never been effective in taking care of depression, even though a lot of people resort to it.

These people consider depression as a failing on their part and are therefore do not seek the necessary medical advice which will steer them towards effective medication like Xanax.

When such people who are in the habit of taking alcohol for their depression do finally go to doctors, they will most certainly be advised to keep the medication unmixed with alcohol. Xanax and alcohol both work on the nervous system. A person used to drinking will probably feel that The combination of Xanax and alcohol may work out even better for the depression. In fact this combination is considered deadly and highly dangerous. Because both of them act on the nervous system they can combine to cause severe health problems that can include violent behavior, seizures and behaving in a way totally out of character.

If you are constantly suffering from depression and have also been used to the crutch of alcohol, it is advisable for you to first overcome this dependence before you look for medical help for the depression. Very severe cases are best advised to go through a detoxification program before going in for any medication for depression. Xanax is also a medication to which a person can get addicted because of the alprazolam which is one of its ingredients. This medication needs to be taken only after consulting a physician and no attempt must ever be made to increase or decrease this dosage without consulting again with the concerned doctor. A combination of Xanax and alcohol needs to be avoided in all circumstances as this can be lethal.

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