What Are the Risks of Mixing Alcohol and Augmentin?

Alcohol is a drug.

The public service messages about the dangers of alcohol cannot be over-emphasized. Augmentin is a drug. The message about the dangers of mixing alcohol with any additional medication or drug has been drilled into the public’s consciousness. This is no exception. Mixing augmentin and alcohol is not recommended. However, information obtained indicates that there is low risk when done so. Low risk does not in any way dismiss the possibility of something going wrong.

Each individual’s capacity for drug intake is different.

Augmentin is a drug that is also known as amoxicillin. This drug is prescribed to fight infections.

One known side effect of this drug is dizziness. Side effects may vary according to each individual; however, dizziness is a very common side effect that may occur in most people when using this drug. When combined with alcohol, this may make the condition worse. Along with that, it may decrease the effectiveness of clearing the infection in a timely manner. Of course, as mentioned above, there is a very low risk when taken with alcohol in moderation. This is not, of course, a message to indulge but strictly factual information.

Using alcohol alone does impair the system. Mixing alcohol with other medications affects the defense system of the body and impacts its optimum functioning. It is critical to remember that when taking drugs to improve a medical situation, the body is already stressed. Mixing drugs with alcohol causes additional stress. The principal thing to remember is to get the body well and back into optimum condition. If that decision would override the desire to consume alcohol during the time of using prescription medications, that would be the best decision for the body even if the risks are low.

It is very vital to mention that mixing augmentin and alcohol is not recommended if additional medications are being taken. Although the risk may be low with these two, additional medications may cause problems. It is essential to mention that if a person were taking more than one medication, it would behoove them to check with their primary care physician or the pharmacist where the prescription is filled for circumstances that may result.

It has been established that the risk for mixing augmentin and alcohol is low. However, it is necessary to remember that getting the body back into a healthy condition should be the primary focus. With that being said, it is obviously the decision of the individual to make the best decision for their particular situation.   When taking additional medications with augmentin, it is critical to get information about the side effects of combining more than one drug with alcohol. Knowing what may cause additional stress on the body and how to combat that is taking proactive steps for overall good health.

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