Dehydration – Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

The consumption of large amounts of alcohol can lead to serious and dangerous dehydration. A person will dehydrate while drinking alcohol and the result can be very serious unless steps are taken to introduce hydration to the body.  Alcohol in any form is a diuretic.  This means quite simply that it will make a person urinate excessively.  The urination process takes vital body fluids from the body.  It is a body’s reaction to the ingestion of diuretic materials such as alcohol.

The chemical composition of alcohol stimulates certain parts of the neural and digestive systems in a person which cause you to dehydrate.  Alcohol is also absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly.  All of these factors taken together are causes of dehydration.  Many times dehydration will take the form of a terrific hangover the next morning.

Suffering from a hangover is a symptom of dehydration.  The body is reacting to a low level of fluids and the reaction is a headache as well as aches and pains throughout the body.  The cure for this is first to replenish the fluids the body lost the night before.  Drinking coffee, which is another diuretic, will not cure a hangover or get a person feeling better.  Water is the real cure.  Drinking water and liquids with high electrolyte concentrations will allow the body to replenish the fluids without having to discharge more in the process.  This will allow the body to recover quicker.  Additionally, getting rid of the remaining alcohol in the system is necessary.  If you can remember to do so, drink a glass or two(or more!) of water before you go to sleep, it will help with your alcohol dehydration problems, and hopefully lessen that hangover the next morning.

If it is possible and the body can stand it, a hot sauna will open the pores and cause the alcohol to be purged from the body.  This will speed up the recovery and help the hangover.  Any other activity that causes the pores to open and sweat to be produced will be beneficial also.  Just remember that during the time the sweat is coming out body fluids have to be replenished so continue to drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated.  Otherwise, the alcohol dehydrate will become worse.

The consumption of alcohol has many effects on the body. These can include thirst, headaches, nausea, muscle spasms and cramps.  These are all the results of dehydration.  As the body needs water it begins to react and causes symptoms that will cause a person to consume water to replenish the lost fluids.  Remember that alcohol has the effect of causing urination. That is the passing of body fluids.  These are fluids that the body requires to function.  Some tips to consider when drinking alcohol are to consume as much water before, during, and after drinking as possible.  Providing a lot of fluids to the body will build up a supply that can be later passed out without doing as much damage to the body.

When a person finds himself urinating a lot while drinking alcohol this should be a signal to consume some other fluids, perhaps skipping a round of alcoholic drinks and replacing it with water or an herbal tea will replenish some fluids in the body.  It is better to be proactive before and during alcohol consumption then to be reactionary the next morning.