Effects Of Mixing Valium And Alcohol

Valium is a drug that is part is the group of benzodiazepines which affects the brain’s chemicals that cause anxiety.

  It is often used as a treatment for anxiety disorders, muscle spasms, or alcohol withdrawal.   Although it can be very helpful, the drug can be quite dangerous when in combination with other substances. Mixing Valium and alcohol can have various effects on a person.

Valium and alcohol are both depressants on the body’s central nervous system.   They both slow the brain’s activities.   Some minor side effects of drinking alcohol and taking Valium may include dizziness, obscured coordination, drowsiness, strange behavior, and memory problems.   Alcohol when combined with Valium can also lead to violent behavior.

  It may also be very dangerous to drive a car or operate heavy machinery since reflexes are slowed at a fast rate.

Each year, there is a tremendous number of hospital cases which involve patients who have had problems after mixing prescription drugs and alcohol.   In severe cases, combining Valium and alcohol can be deadly.

  Since Valium slows the nervous system, it may also slow a person’s breathing rate. Therefore, when Valium is taken with alcohol, severe respiratory depression can occur.

It is important to note that Valium is a drug that is metabolized by the liver.   Alcohol abuse is a major cause of liver damage.   A damaged liver can not properly rid the body of Valium which leads to an extra buildup of the drug in the system.   If a person has a damaged liver, alcohol can not be processed either. Therefore, the probability of a fatal overdose is likely as the heart stops beating.

It is wise for those with mental illness, such as anxiety, to stay away from alcohol in the first place.   Alcohol tends to worsen the illness and is often used as a type of self-medication.   Also, people who abuse alcohol are more likely to abuse drugs as well.   If a person tends to drink, it is smart to discuss with a doctor if Valium is a wise prescription choice.

When a person is depressed or anxious, they will oftentimes try to down their problems with alcohol.   If they visit a doctor, they may be given a prescription for Valium to alleviate the depression or anxiety as well.   Taking the two items together may have a very negative effect on the body.   Valium by itself can cause a person to develop nausea, weakness, and drowsiness.   Alcohol can cause confusion and memory issues.   When combined together, Valium and alcohol side effects are heightened.   This can lead to overdose or respiratory failure. It is always wise to be honest with a doctor about alcohol use or dependency.   They may be able to give solutions to quit or be able to prescribe a less lethal drug combination.