Effects Of Alcohol On Weight Loss

New alcoholic drinks are now showing up on the market that are lower carb, and lower calorie versions of their original forms. This is done in an attempt to convince dieters that it is fine to drink while on a diet. While these are certainly better versions, the effects of alcohol on weight loss are still quite negative. Making an educated decision before deciding to drink is important.

Simply put, alcohol is made up of empty calories. There is very little nutritional benefit to be derived from these products. While research has shown that wine may offer some health benefits, these benefits do not cancel out the calories and carbohydrates that the drink contains. In most cases, alcohol is consumed in addition to the regular meals that are eaten each day. This can create a calorie overage, and can promote weight gain. Over the course of a week, the calories in one daily drink can add up to a weight gain. Now imagine two drinks. It adds up quickly.

The most serious offender of all is mixed drinks. Liquor on it’s own is quite calorie dense. Once it is combined with sugar loaded mixers, it quickly can go from bad to worse. While it may be hard to believe, there are some mixed drinks that pack a whopping 800 or more calories per drink. Based on this information, the effects of alcohol on weight loss is quite easy to understand.

It is possible to lose weight while drinking alcohol. This is most commonly seen in alcoholics. Many alcoholics choose to “drink” their calories instead of eat them. While this may produce weight loss, it is also quite dangerous. This approach does not provide any of the vitamins and minerals that the body needs on a daily basis. When the body does not get these things, illness and disease are likely the direct result.

There are other effects of alcohol on weight loss to consider. When alcohol enters the system, it is the first thing the body turns to for fuel. Everything else must wait until the body uses it up before turning to food sources for energy. What this does is put weight loss on hold each time a drink is consumed. Dieting is hard enough on it’s own. Making the process harder, and take longer, certainly is not productive.

Those that are looking to lose weight should consider giving up drinking completely. This is simply the best approach. Should you feel that you are not willing to do this, consider using moderation as much as possible. The effects of alcohol on weight loss are quite clear. Keep this information in mind when making the decision of whether or not to drink.

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