Adverse Health Effects of Alcoholism

The adverse effects of alcoholism over a prolonged period of time are devastating both for the body as well as the mind.

Chronic alcohol abuse leads to several ailments and malfunctions of vital systems of the body. It also has a damaging impact on the proper working of the brain. Some of the more commonly observed effects of this kind of substance abuse include cardio vascular diseases, chronic liver malfunctions, malabsorption cancer and chronic pancreatitis. Chronic depressions, violent tendencies, emotional upheavals and frequent mood swings are some of the behavioral abnormalities that are attributed directly to over indulgence in alcohol.

Cardio Vascular Effects of Alcoholism

Though there have been certain claims of beneficial effects of mild drinking on the functioning of the coronary arteries, prolonged alcoholism has multiple complications for this body system that far outweigh any such gains. Excessive consumption of alcohol has been established as one of the major reasons for increased chances of a heart attack or stroke. Hypertension which is a fall out of this deadly habit contributes to many cases of coronary arrests that lead to death.

Liver Diseases Attributable to Alcoholism

The disorders of the liver arising out of alcohol are by far the most critical of the effects of alcoholism that affects the human body. Alocoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis and fatty liver are most common manifestations of liver problems due to alcohol. These are serious and potentially fatal disorders that require immediate cessation of intake of the damage causing agents and specialized medical treatment.

In most severe conditions liver transplant is the only option that can save the life of the affected individual. Even moderate consumption has been found to raise the risk of liver cancer substantially.

Effects on the Brain Functioning and Development

This substance consumed over a prolonged period has grave and irreversible consequence on the proper functioning of the brain. Many of essential brain functions such as physcho motor skills, cognitive skills, sleep and decision making capabilities are damaged beyond repair through alcoholism. Dementia is one of the common effects that is visible on many people around the world as a result of continued consumption. Certain mental health conditions also develop over a period of time due to effects of this toxic substance on the central nervous system. These adverse mental conditions include suicidal tendencies, emotional instability, depressive disorder, anti social behavior, compulsive activities, anxiety, panic, hallucinations and delusions.

Miscellaneous Effects

There are various other ill effects that are caused by uncontrolled intake of alcohol on the human body. These conditions include gall bladder stone, diabetes mellitus, hormonal imbalance, sexual dysfunction, kidney stone, lung diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. There are even visible signs of substance abuse that appear on the skin over a period of time including excessive dryness, dullness, wrinkles and psoriasis.

Medical treatment from qualified and experienced specialists is the only solution that can be effective along with psychological therapies in such cases in order to ensure that there is timely cure of the various health effects of alcoholism.