Am I An Alcoholic? The Definition Of Alcoholism

If you are wondering “am I an alcoholic?”, or “what is alcoholism”? you do not need to be confused with misinformation. Many people are alcoholics and do not realize it, while many others assume they are when they are not. An accurate alcoholism definition will help you see whether this term applies to you, so you can reach out for help if you need it or see yourself developing alcoholism symptoms. Here is a video from expert David Thomas about the warning signs of an alcoholic.

The accurate alcoholism definition is the inability to control one’s intake of alcohol. Your age, gender, and how often you drink are not relevant. When an alcoholic takes a drink, he cannot easily stop drinking of his own free will. He is not satisfied with one drink, or any other limit he may have decided on before he started. His body will continue to crave more, as long as more is available.

Whether you are at a party where liquor is served, a bar, or in your own home, any alcohol you put into your system urges you to continue drinking. It does not matter whether you are alone, or in a social setting. Your own body will not allow you to stop after you have taken that first drink.

A person does not need to hit rock bottom to realize “am I an alcoholic?” is a question he should consider. You may not have had any drunk driving accidents, never harmed anyone or lost work time because of your drinking, yet still have this problem. In contrast, there are plenty of non-alcoholics who make serious mistakes while under the influence of alcohol, yet are not alcoholics.

There is a method for getting the answer to “am I an alcoholic?” All you need to do is take one drink, and see how quickly and easily you can stop. If you find abruptly stopping to be a difficult experience, it is likely your answer should be “yes.” If you are not completely convinced, try it a second time. The effects alcohol has on an alcoholic’s mind and body are much different from when a non-alcoholic drinks. True alcoholics will find this to be a very troublesome experience.

What should you do if “am I an alcoholic?” has a “yes” answer? You must begin by being honest with yourself. Admitting you have a problem is the first step toward seeking help. Alcoholism does not have to ruin your life, or the lives of the people around you. After you have acknowledged the problem, you can take the next step by getting the help you need to recover. While it may take awhile for you to learn how to live without drinking, it will not take long to begin experiencing the benefits. Sober alcoholics know that life without alcohol is much better.