Use and Abuse of Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol are a common pastime of today’s youth. It may be a matter of experimentation and rebellion or it could be escapism or it could be as simple as just boredom. Whatever the reasoning, drug and alcohol abuse among young people is a subject that must be addressed. The misuse of chemicals can be hazardous to not only the user but to people around them as well. It can also take a serious toll on friends and family observing the situation from the outside. There are actually a number of ways that a person can be killed by use.

One of the most well-known ways that alcohol and drug abuse tend to kill people is known as overdose. In this case of alcohol abuse it is referred to as alcohol poisoning. Overdose is when a body is forced top consume so much of a chemical that it begins to function incorrectly and then shut down. The symptoms and effects of overdose depends on the nature of the chemical in question. Stimulants, for instance, will often cause a heart attack during an OD scenario. Opiates will slow down all of the body’s functions such as breathing and heartbeat until it simply stops.

There are, however, other ways that alcohol and drug abuse can end a person’s life. Even if a lethal dose is not consumed, consumption of a mind altering substance does change the way a person thinks. Common sense and inhibitions can be highly compromised leaving a person to behave in ways that they normally would not. Although the results can often be comical to a certain point, they can also become dangerous and even deadly. Drinking and driving, for instance, is one of the major causes of accidents on the roads today. Impairment can also lead to a number of other activities that are less than intelligent.

Another side effect of abusing alcohol and drugs is the addiction to them and the toll it takes on those people who are close to the user. Often, the user is not effected nearly as severely by their use as the people close to them. It is tough to worry whether a loved friend or family member will live to see another day. This feeling is even worse when the possible loss of life is over something as frivolous as alcohol abuse. Beyond just fear for a users safety, other factors play a part in the lives of those around them such as changes in attitude.

Simply put, alcohol use and abuse can have drastic consequences. It is not only the user himself that is effected by their actions, but everybody around them. Anyone who uses should put serious consideration into the way that their action will change their entire reality.