Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms

When a person has consumed so much alcohol that the body is not able to metabolize it the result is alcohol poisoning.

The body can only handle so much alcohol in a given period of time.
When that level is exceeded, as in cases of binge drinking, the result is alcohol overdose or poisoning. Caution should be taken to understand that alcohol poisoning is not necessarily something that only alcohol dependent persons suffer from. There are many persons who are not considered alcoholic who do suffer alcohol poisoning. There are symptoms to watch for that will help determine is a person is suffering from an overdose of alcohol.

If a person has consumed large amounts of alcohol and has a rapid heartbeat or trouble, breathing there is a possibility that these are all signs of alcohol poisoning symptoms. When breathing is labored and there are long lapses of time between each breath this can be a symptom of alcohol poisoning. Irregular breathing can be caused by the body losing control of its reflex actions, such as breathing. Alcohol can cause diminished reflexive actions and response times. When a person appears to be gagging or choking and unable to catch their breath after consuming alcohol poisoning may be a factor. This is one of the first symptoms to appear but it is not the only symptom.

When a person appears to be very confused or in a stupor, unable to respond to questions with coherent answers, there is a possibility there are other alcohol poisoning symptoms. Alcohol affects the functions of the brain. A person who is normally alert will show signs of overdose when he or she is confused and non responsive to simple stimuli. A person who is unable to pull away from pain or fails to react to painful stimulus can be a victim of alcohol overdose. Pinching a person is a good test. If the person is unable to feel the pain or pull away from it that is a symptom.

Additional alcohol poisoning symptoms can include vomiting and seizures. When a body is unable to metabolize the alcohol in a certain time frame, it will react to purge the body of the poison. The act of vomiting is such a reaction. Many times the person may appear to be vomiting without any results. The dry vomit symptom is a reaction of the body attempting to purge itself of materials that have already been internalized. Seizures can be the result of a person losing control over his reflex actions and having severe and often times violent muscular spasm and reactions. Finally, a person who has lost consciousness after a period of alcohol consumption is usually suffering from an alcohol overdose. The body simply cannot act fast enough and has caused the person to shut down. If an unconscious person cannot be readily revived, the symptoms are very serious.

It is advisable to seek immediate medical attention for alcohol poisoning treatment if a person is suffering from these symptoms. Every year over 50,000 persons suffer from alcohol overdose and many lives are lost each year to this disease. Asking for and accepting help may be the hardest action to take, but it is truly a lifesaver.