Different Dangers Of Alcohol

Alcohol, like many indulgences, is okay if used sparingly and smartly. It is fine to drink a glass of wine with dinner or have a drink with friends. However, there are many dangers of alcohol that many people either do not know or do not think about.

Health Dangers Related To Alcohol

Alcohol can cause heart or liver disease. Your liver cannot process alcohol effectively, so it takes time to expel it from the body. This can cause harm to the liver because the alcohol sits there with no place to go. It also hurts the central nervous system by impairing brain function. If it is used excessively, alcohol can destroy brain cells and cause brain damage.

Behavior Dangers Related To Alcohol

People act differently when under the influence of alcohol. Some become violent, while others become sad or tired. It can make you less alert (driving) and can dull the senses and how you see things. It can also affect memory if used excessively. Alcohol impairs judgment, coordination and slows reflexes. This can be harmful in many ways (driving, using steps, etc.)

Inhibition Dangers Related To Alcohol

Everyone knows their limits for certain things such as sex, language, etc. However, while intoxicated, many people lose their inhibitions and that can lead to sex with multiple people, which in turn can lead to pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Many people do not know they are pregnant right away and if you continue to drink excessively, you can harm your unborn baby.

Physical Dangers Related To Alcohol

When drunk, many people stagger or sway. This can cause you to fall or run into things. This can be harmful in itself, but it can also cause graver injuries such as concussions and cuts. You can lose consciousness and possibly stop breathing. This can cause brain damage and other problems.

Work Situation Dangers Related To Alcohol

Too much alcohol not only hurt you physically and emotionally, it can also hurt your work and family life. Many people who develop alcoholism start by drinking too much. Some people cannot make it through the day without a drink, and that causes problems at work. You are not focused. If you deal with the public, think how embarrassing it would be for you and your boss if the customer smelled liquor on your breath.

There are many other dangers of alcohol. There would not be enough time to go through them all. Remember to drink responsibly. This means know your limit and always have a designated driver, even if it is only a taxi.