Issues With Combining Zoloft and Alcohol

Zoloft and alcohol is a subject of concern to people who are on the medication and still desire to drink. There are warning labels on the bottle that say not to drink alcohol while taking this medication. People who are going to be on this medication long term may have a problem with that, and decide to risk it. There are a lot of warning labels on all kinds of products that are a bit extreme. This causes people to ignore a lot of them. It often takes common sense, research, and sometimes help from professionals to know, which warning signs to heed and which just to be aware of and proceed with caution.

The problem with Zoloft and alcohol is that they both act on similar brain chemicals. This means, when you drink a little, it could affect you a lot. Alcoholic beverages are depressants, so if a person is taking this medication for depression and consuming alcohol, they could find themselves more depressed than before. This medication also reduces a person’s anxiety and fear. So does drinking. Together they might make an upset and angry person brave enough to succeed in committing suicide, or commit some other violent act that their common sense fear prevented them from doing in the past.

The effects are not always this dramatic. Sometimes it just happens that a person’s tolerance for beer, wine, and other such drinks is reduced. He or she may get drunk a lot more easily. It is not uncommon for people to get hung over from just a few beers if they are on Zoloft. This may not be a big deal, unless the person decides to drive. He or she may be drunk after a lot fewer drinks than somebody not on the medication. Some people have reported having an increased desire for alcoholic beverages while on this.

A person’s doctor, who is very familiar with the history of the patient, would be the best one to consult about rather one can have a few drinks. A lot of people can still drink in moderation while taking the pills. Heavy drinking is not something a doctor will likely condone. Depending on a person’s sex, size, tolerance, and condition, a doctor may approve a certain amount of drinks a week or even a day. The patient should keep the doctor informed of how he or she is doing with this amount before any problems become serious. The doctor will likely recommend the person start with a very small amount until he or she knows how it will affect him or her.
Zoloft and alcohol are a way a lot of people try to deal with the stress of everyday living and really tough times. Some can handle doing both, but not everybody. Those who have trouble with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder might be told to stay away from any kind of strong drink, least the drinking habit become too strong and extreme. Most people are just told to be careful, monitor themselves, and be monitored by their physician.