Alcohol Poisoning Treatment

Alcohol poisoning treatment saves many lives each year. Across the world, alcohol poisoning symptoms appear after excessive consumption of alcohol. It helps to understand some of the processes.

One of the main dangers of this condition is that the person suffering it may not be able to seek help because of decreased awareness or falling asleep. If this happens, one has to act for the person. Wake the person immediately, but if they do not awaken, seek medical attention by calling 911. Do not make judgment calls about the condition, or allow embarrassment or fear of underage drinking or any other violations prevent seeking assistance. Never assume that sleeping it off cures this condition. One of the symptoms of alcohol poisoning includes  possible vomiting while unconscious and the possibility of choking, as well suffer other unseen complications. Inform the paramedics or doctors if other drugs are involved. The combination of other drugs with drinking sometimes affects the course of action.

Just about everyone who suffers this condition must undergo stomach pumping. This consists of sticking a thin tube into the stomach via the throat or up the nose. Warm water or saline travels via the tube, returning liquid from the stomach, this process continues until no more gastric contents appear in the fluid.

Further alcohol poisoning treatment includes oxygen therapy, administered through a tube connected to some kind of container. It helps the body replenish damaged tissue. The tube is attached to the nose via two small prongs or given via a face mask. Also, excess alcohol cause severe dehydration, so liquids will more than likely be given intravenously then eventually by mouth once it is determined that no risk of blackouts remain. Part of the treatment includes close vigilance for breathing and choking issues, as this is a major problem.

In extreme cases, kidney dialysis may be required. This usually happens when people digest alcohols that are not made for consumption, such as isopropyl or methanol. It removes toxins from the blood by sticking a catheter into the abdominal cavity. A dialysis solution gathers wastes and poisons, and then everything drains so the body heals.

Alcohol poisoning symptoms can be very painful and scary, but understanding the in’s and out’s of alcohol poisoning treatment eases the fears. Rest assured these methods save thousands of lives each year not only in America, but across the world. Alcohol poisoning treatment is based on years of guaranteed results, and offers effective solutions.